Book Review Nanofiltration for Sustainability: Reuse, Recycle and Resource Recovery




Nanofiltration; sustainability; water reuse; resource recovery


The application of nanofiltration (NF) for sustainability in various industries was discussed in this recent published book. The sustainability of the NF was reviewed in terms of potential reuse, recycle, and resource recovery in the respective industry. Wide range of industries were covered in this book ranging from desalination, landfill leachate effluent, textile effluent, food industry effluent, agriculture effluent, heavy metals, and emerging organic contaminants. In addition, the book also considers the application of NF integrated with other technologies such as biological degradation, adsorption, Fenton, electrodialysis, ozonation, coagulation, and flocculation. The book could further explore the application of NF in energy sectors such as water treatment for power plants, carbon capture and sequestration, fuel cell technology, hydrogen purification, and energy storage. In short, the book offers a thorough discussion on the fundamentals of NF technology and its application towards sustainable developments.


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