Structural Modification of Pristine Graphene Network Towards Nanoporous Graphene Membrane: A Review


  • Mohd ‘Azizir-Rahim Mukri Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, 81310 UTM Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
  • Mohd Syafiq Elias Faculty of Science, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, 81310 UTM Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
  • Madzlan Aziz Faculty of Science, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, 81310 UTM Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
  • Masaki Tanemura Department of Physical Science and Engineering, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Gokiso-cho, Showa-ku, Nagoya 466-8555, Japan
  • Mohd Zamri Mohd Yusop Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, 81310 UTM Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia



A single graphene layer is superior many ways preferably in electronic devices application. However, mild modification of the graphene network could open a new potential to the ultrathin graphene membrane. Moreover, recent studies demonstrated that a few simple techniques could generate and control the nanopores size on single layer graphene sheet simultaneously. This review paper will discuss all potential techniques that are capable to generate nanopores structure on the pristine single layer graphene network.

Author Biography

Mohd Zamri Mohd Yusop, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, 81310 UTM Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Department of Materials


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Mukri, M. ‘Azizir-R., Elias, M. S., Aziz, M., Tanemura, M., & Mohd Yusop, M. Z. (2018). Structural Modification of Pristine Graphene Network Towards Nanoporous Graphene Membrane: A Review. Journal of Applied Membrane Science & Technology, 22(1).